Homemade Octopus burning explosion roadside stalls
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Octopus balls tempting aroma.

Put in the stuffing and turn over the face.

Each time you go shopping, passing small octopus shop, round balls of a DTH sound, skin scorched, meat juice flowing will overflow, spray the smell, bite, fragrant and soft waxy full. Finally, add tomato sauce, barbecue sauce, salad sauce, fish with flowers, seaweed smash, make it more flavor increase.

Many children love to eat this small octopus. But eating outside, parents will worry about unsanitary. In fact, this kind of baking snacks can be done at home, and it is more delicious and more sanitary than the roadside stalls outside! Together with "love carbonadoing" master even sister in the home to do small octopus!

Material: (the 20 volume)

Low gluten flour 150 grams, 4 grams of baking powder, Chinese yam powder 20 grams, egg 2, Water 200ml, salt a little, a little oil, the octopus (can be used instead of SQUID) 120 grams, 40 grams of cabbage, carrots and Katsuobushi (fish flower) a little sauce, including salad sauce, tomato sauce, Zhang Yushao (juice can also use the common supermarket teriyaki sauce instead), the amount of broken seaweed.


1. of the first low gluten flour, baking powder, Chinese yam powder, egg, water, salt and oil all stir after standing for 10 minutes; the octopus cut into granular after boiling water remove and stand-by;

2. heat the baking pan, first brush a layer of oil, and then pour into batter batter, about eight or nine minutes full;

3. balls to be almost after forming, into the octopus, cabbage, carrots and other materials, the final 90 degree upright, into the flour paste, over again, this time to pour some oil;

4. when octopus balls surface is a little yellow, you can clean wok, put the tray;

5. finally the dried fish, salad sauce, barbecue sauce, chopped seaweed sprinkled on balls above, is complete.

DIY tips

1. sweet delicious, gouache is very important - the ratio of the batter can not be too thick, too thin, too thick hard balls, too thin is not easy to pick round. Therefore, all materials are accurate weighing, but the flour water consumption is not the same, so, according to the batter situation to adjust.

2. yam can buy the powder in the supermarket, you can buy it back to ground powder;

3. no matter octopus, squid or other seafood, the time of flying water can not be too long, broken can be;

4. baking powder should be used without aluminum, because with the use of baking powder, the batter will have fluffy feeling, make the ball will be full, the taste will be much better;

5. ingredients in meatballs don't be greedy and add too much, because too much will not be shaped, it will be ugly.